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Be Seen

A Seaside Women's Retreat 

Have you lost yourself in the ever quickening pace of life? 
Your job that is demanding more and more?
The contstant shuffle of schedules and appointments?
Navigating and finding time for true friendships?


What if you had an opportunity to escape it dive deep into your authentic self? 
To nourish yourself with like minded women who are desiring the exact same thing?
To be seen as the beautiful, shining soul you truly are. 

You are so very welcome to dive into Be Seen • A Seaside Women's Retreat 10/3-10/6

Let us help you escape!

Nubble Trouble.jpeg
Backyard View.jpeg
Kitchen 1.jpeg
Living Room.jpeg

Here is a example of what you might expect your day to look like:

be seen agenda sample.png
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